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Welcome to Golthorian.

Long ago the Taurians were set upon conquest. The Taurians are a warlike race and they quickly annexed the surrounding clans and kingdoms on the region creating a large empire. The Taurians held sway over all the lands from their capital Altinium to the Krailherst forests in the north.
After conquering the surrounding kingdoms the Taurian set their sights upon Golthorian. Many battles were fought. The wizard sanctuary of Woyeria lifted itself out of time to escape the onslaught of the legion. But just when times were darkest for the kingdom a new threat arose in the north. Fell magic was released and a plague of dragons and other monsters threatened to wash away civilization. In desperation the Empire and Golthorian made an alliance against the monsters. Together they drove the menace from the land and ushered in a golden age for humans and Taurians alike.

Pockets of monsters still exist and new heroes must stand up for the light. Deep in the The Fell Plain the evil that nearly destroyed civilization is still lurking. Waiting for a chance to strike again.

The Gnomes in their city of metal and steam
The Dwarves in their mines and their halls of stone
The Elves in the forest far away
The Men in their castles who sit on their thrones

The Tuarian warriors once hated and feared
Now telling tales of battles won
But who will stand up for the light
When soot and ash block out the sun?

Home Page

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