Benny The Panther

The Party got bored with feasting so they went out and found a dungeon.
In the process of exploring the dungeon the party freed a panther and defeated the evil Rune-Master who had enslaved him.

Golthorian History

Long ago the Tuarians were set upon conquest. The Tuarians are a warlike race and they quickly annexed the surrounding clans and kingdoms on the region creating a large empire. The Tuarians held sway over all the lands from their capital Altinium to the Krailherst forests in the north.
After conquering the surrounding kingdoms the Tuarian set their sights upon Golthorian. Many battles were fought. The wizard sanctuary of Woyeria lifted itself out of time to escape the onslaught of the legion. But just when times were darkest for the kingdom a new threat arose in the north. Fell magic was released and a plague of dragons and other monsters threatened to wash away civilization. In desperation the Empire and Golthorian made an alliance against the monsters. Together they drove the menace from the land and ushered in a golden age for humans and Tuarians alike.

Orc Problems
Those Darn Orcs!

Ardhoniel received a letter from her mother asking her to visit her in the elven city of Weldenvarden. The party Investigated the murder of several elves and humans and defeated the orcs responsible

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Welcome to Golthorian.
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